About Us

Hello!  I’m Andrea

Managing Director, Risk Management & Legal Compliance Consultant, SHEQ Specialist, Lead Auditor, and Trainer here at SHEQworx.

Since 1999 I’ve been providing business owners and contractors in the rail, construction, and utilities industries with the management strategies, training, and support they need to operate a safe, healthy, and legally compliant workplace.

“Health and Safety” has a bad reputation, and we’re working hard to change that perception.  It’s great when I hear comments like: 

“she’s one of the good ones”,

“a breath of fresh air”, and

“the safety professional the lads actually want to work with, not run and hide from”.

As a senior manager for some large organisations in the UK, I’ve been able to develop and implement strategies, policies, and complete management systems, whilst working for the principal contractors on high-risk, high-value, civil engineering and construction projects in the rail, healthcare, and utilities industries.

With one foot in head office and the other on a major project, it was great being in a position to work with so many talented people across a range of disciplines, make lifelong connections, and even make a real difference to people’s lives in preventing personal injury!

Thankfully my career has played to my natural skills and abilities, including an interest in business and the law, and I enjoy it.  I’ve part-completed a law degree so I understand Business Law, Contract and Tort – personal injury, negligence, etc.


As a client, you can expect us to take some time to get to know you, your business – purpose, mission, values, risks and challenges, and our practical, realistic solutions that not only comply with the law but ultimately offer a  solid level of protection from harm, legal breaches, costly fines, reputational damage, and business disruption.

You can benefit from our independent perspective, our approach, and our extensive expertise. 

We will explain the decision behind any recommended actions, and work with you to achieve it – giving you the confidence to refer to us as their very own compliance department!

What makes us different?


SHEQworx is an independent risk management and legal compliance consultancy specialising in Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing, (OHS), Environment, Quality (SHEQ), and other business related matters such as Data Protection including GDPR


High-risk, safety critical environments such as Rail and construction are our key areas of competence, including CDM projects, and we use our combined skills, knowledge and experience to support you


We work closely with you to understand your business risks, challenges, and goals and provide workable solutions that are realistic, flexible, and legally compliant


We understand the challenges of balancing health and safety with the need to get the job done and make sales. Between us, we'll be able to figure out a workable solution that doesn't compromise anyone's health and safety, and may even reduce your costs


The health and wellbeing of your workers are of paramount importance. We believe mental health (and gut health) is as crucial as physical health, so we provide a proactive and holistic approach which can improve workers' productivity and engagement in your organisation

The secret is to manage the risk that remains after you’ve eliminated what you can.

Developing overarching Management Strategies coupled with risk management is just one aspect of what we do on an almost daily basis, along with auditing existing systems and processes.

If there is something you need help with and we haven’t covered it on the website, or have a particular issue or problem you’d like help with, get in touch. 

If it is not something we can help you with directly, we work with some amazingly talented and highly competent associates and we’d be happy to refer you!