Consultancy Services

An Overview of our Consultancy Services

Hands up if any of the following resonates with you.

You run a business…

  • but feel like it’s running rings around you, and you’re exhausted
  • you’re fed up of your clients enroaching into your personal time – evenings, weekends, even when you’re away trying to relax with friends and family.  It feels like you’re never off your phone checking emails and answering calls
  • despite trading for months or even years, you’re growing increasingly anxious that you STILL haven’t got some of the critical legal documents in place such as:  risk assessments, terms and conditions of business, key policies, employment contracts, company induction
  • your internal processes, procedures, and systems aren’t working as you’d like them to.  It takes you too long to process an order, and then you can’t remember if you invoiced them, let alone if you received payment!  And then there’s the customer complaints…
  • the mere mention of “health and safety”, “compliance”, “audit”, or “admin” forces an unprovoked eye-roll or a large sigh, and you’d rather go and stick pins in your eyes than actually face it!
  • you’ve had a refund request from a large-ticket item but you’re not sure if they’re legally entitled to a refund, and besides, you’ve just spent the money and there’s not enough left in the business account to cover it!
  • you’re dreading the day your clients find out you are flying by the seat of your pants and they take their business to your competitor.
  • despite GDPR being around for a few years now, you’re still not sure what it is or what you should be doing.
  • you dread the day the HSE pay a visit and penalise you for having an unsafe workplace / unsafe work practices.

It’s OK, we get it.

Many of our existing and former clients were in this exact same position as you are now.

Setting up and running a business can be both an exciting and a challenging time, but OMFG the legal compliance side can be SOOOO BOOORING, confusing, AND time consuming!!


How would you feel knowing that this side of your business has been taken care of once and for all.  Fast forward a few months, and now you have an ever better business with robust policies, systems, processes, and procedures covering you, and your entire operations?

You can now work the hours you choose (as many or as few as you like) knowing the business can almost run itself.

You can concentrate on what you do best – helping people and making money!!

You can take those extra breaks away with the family you keep talking about but never get around to booking!

You can confidently ignore your mobile phone while you’re away, and enjoy the time you have set aside to actually rest and recuperate.

You can sleep easier at night knowing that you, your business and your workers belong to a reputable business that values the health, safety and wellbeing of its workers.  What a legacy to leave behind.

And now, your business is safe to expand and can do so effortlessly with systems and processes designed to support it, and your future plans for it.

What’s not to love?

When you’re ready to take the first step towards building the business that will support the lifestyle you’re working towards, let us help you.

And because this BORING STUFF is in our area of expertise, we can either do this for you or with you, guiding you through the entire process.

How does that sound?

If you know how we can help and you're ready to work with us....

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Ad-hoc Consultation

Do you need some help with a specific health & safety topic, mental health & wellbeing dilemma, or would like some guidance about an upcoming audit?

Is there a particular problem at work that you would like some guidance on how to handle it?

Then why not arrange a private 1:1 Consultation with me (Andrea) over Zoom where we can discuss your concerns before developing the steps needed to manage or resolve the situation.

Accident / Incident Investigation

You have had an accident on site and someone got injured.  But for a stroke of luck, they could have been killed.

With such a close-knit team that have worked with you for years, you are personally and professionally too close to get to the truth.

Maybe you don’t know how or where to begin?

We can support you through the immediate aftermath, and help you and your people understand what went wrong so you can prevent something similar happening in the future.

If required, we will also train you and your senior managers in accident investigation techniques which will help develop their leadership and management skills.

Click the link below to get started.

CDM Support and Guidance

If you’re a duty holder under the CDM Regulations (Client, Principal Contractor, Principal Designer etc) there’s a good chance you’re going to need a Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan, and supporting documentation and systems – and that’s not the work of 5 minutes to produce!

We’ve been working with the CDM Regulations since they came into force and have acquired a wealth of experience on ‘notifiable’ major projects as the Principal Contractor’s HSE Lead in high-risk industries carrying out safety-critical work.

We have unrivaled insight into the challenges you may face and the elements that need to be considered during the all-important planning phase.

Audits, Strategies & Management Systems

If the thought of an accident at work or a visit from the HSE sends a shudder up your spine, chances are, you could use our help.

The aim of a management system is to manage business risks, prevent work-related injury and ill-health, data loss, effective and efficient resources management, ensure quality goods and services, and to demonstrate legal compliance to name but a few.

Imagine feeling calm and quietly confident knowing that you’ve got it covered.

We’ll work with you to ensure your systems are fit for purpose and legally compliant, create a benchmark for you to measure your success, capture areas for improvement, and provide an assurance to your customers and clients.

We can even be hired to audit your supply chain for you as an independent third party audit, or your internal systems.

Our expertise covers the following subject areas:  Occupational Health and Safety including Wellbeing / Psychosocial Risks, Environmental, Quality, and Data Protection.

New Starter Company Induction

It’s exciting when a new worker joins your team or you’re about to get started on a new construction project.

It’s the perfect time to make everyone feel welcome and supported from the outset.

It’s all new to them.  New premises, new people, new boss and new policies for them to get their head around – and that’s before they’ve even been shown where they’ll be working!

Your New Starter Company Induction is much more than a ‘welcome to the business’ presentation.

It’s your opportunity to clearly set the tone and communicate your all-important company values, standards and expectations to everyone, saving you time and energy in a positive and consistent way.

With a joined-up approach incorporating HR, we can help you get it right, literally from Day One!

Policies, Procedures, Forms, Handbooks, etc

Every business needs to operate with effective, fit-for-purpose and relevant documents that support your operations instead of hindering them.

If you need a suite of documents to bolster your management systems – from policies, procedures, documented processes and assorted forms – we can help.

We create bespoke documents just for you helping you breeze through audits, and giving added peace of mind if ever they’re required as evidence in legal proceedings.  You can’t afford to rely on a generic template in this instance.

Haven't seen EXACTLY what you're looking for? Then please get in touch with us or....

Frequently Asked Questions


I need a Health and Safety Policy, can you help?


We should be able to get it done within a few days, but we’ll need some information from you first.  

Schedule a free consultation and let’s talk.


We've been told we need access to competent H&S advice, is this something you can help with?

Yes it is. 

Our consultants hold recognised H&S qualifications and their competence is maintained through CPD (continuing professional development).  They’re also members of professional organisations such is IOSH and IIRSM, and have to abide by their Standards and/or Codes of Conduct.


Do you investigate workplace accidents?

Yes, we can do. 

Andrea’s conducted many accident / incident investigations over the years including some fairly serious ones. 

Our approach is not to apportion blame, we just want to find out what went wrong so that similar events don’t happen in the future. 

We also investigate incidents and close-calls.


I'm worried we're not doing enough about mental health at work, can you help?


If you need an overarching Health & Wellbeing strategy developing and implementing, we can work with you to do that. 

Maybe you need to undertake a stress risk assessment?  We can help with that.

If you want to consult your workers through a confidential and independent Health & Wellbeing survey, we’d be happy to help you with that.

And, we can provide certified Mental Health First Aid Training if that’s of interest to you too.

Book a free 30 minute consultation and we’ll discuss your options.


We're thinking about going for ISO 9001 can you help?

Yes, definitely.

As Lead Auditors to the main ISO Standards we know what needs to be included in your policies, procedures and systems.  We’ve developed management systems from scratch for a number of clients in different industries.

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation, and let’s talk.


Do you provide Health and Safety Training?

Yes, we do.

We provide a range of tailor-made SHEQ related training, and Adult Mental Health First Aid training under licence to MHFA (England).

Our training courses can be classroom-based or online.

We’ve been asked to create SHEQ Induction materials for new starters and ToolBox Talks.

If there’s a particular course you’re looking for and we don’t deliver it, we have a few contacts we’d happily recommend.

Send an email to or book a free chat via the 30 minute consultation button below.