Lift Planning Services

Lifting Operations

Failed lifting operations can often put people at risk of injury or death, not to mention causing substantial physical damage and serious financial costs

For example:

  • Many accidents occur during lifting operations because they were not planned properly
  • Lifting operations weren’t carried out by trained and competent people
  • The rated capacity of the lifting equipment and accessories was exceeded
  • The equipment failed due to poor maintenance / earlier damage
  • Poor communications during BOTH the planning and the lifting operation itself

For telehandlers, RRVs (Road Rail Vehicles) on road and/or rail mode for single or tandem lifts, we can help!

Before we produce your lift plan, we will need some safety critical information from you.  We may also need to carry out a site visit.

Did you know that if you hire or own a telehandler, Road Rail Vehicle (RRV), or other plant to perform lifting operations, you need a lift plan produced by a competent lift planner BEFORE you carry out the lift?