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Independent Surveys

We provide a range of services under the banner of risk management and legal compliance. Everything we do is carefully tailored to you and your organisation, ensuring a proactive, intuitive, and effective service you can rely on.

Audits –

Site Audits or Inspections,


Management Systems


, OHSeIf you employ 5 or more people, there’s a legal requirement for you to have formal arrangements in place – and that would involve a management system.

A management system is a series of Policy Documents, Risk Assessments, Procedures, Processes, and Forms.  All auditable materials.  Be warned though, it’s not designed to become a dusty folder on the shelf that’s only brought out when you have an audit, it’s a living thing that grows with your business!

We help business owners (and senior managers) create, monitor, review, and audit their management systems (or that of their suppliers). We are qualified Lead Auditors to ISO standard (ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety).

As auditors we know what differentiates an OK management system from a really good one.

We regularly audit safety critical suppliers to the UK rail industry, including companies on Principal Contractor’s Approved Supplier List (supply chain).

A management system can be specifically focused on one element, such as Quality, or H&S, or Environmental, although you could save time and money by integrating them!

Get in touch if this is something you’d be interested in doing.  (It’s the way forward if you want to get it right first time, and save time and energy!)

Independent Surveys

Have you ever wondered what your workers think or feel about how you’re managing things like health and safety, or health and wellbeing?  Maybe they have work-related concerns but are scared or unwilling to raise them for fear of losing their job?

As an external consultancy we can work with you to create a set of questions that will gauge what’s happening in your business, so that you can discover how they REALLY feel, and make the necessary changes.

Surveys we’ve conducted in the past include:


Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey


Health and Safety Climate Survey regarding specific topics eg PPE, Communication, Operational Procedures, Planned Changes to Traffic Management Plans


Health and Safety Climate Survey regarding specific topics eg PPE, Communication, Operational Procedures, Planned Changes to Traffic Management Plans

Staff Morale – included a range of OHS subjects including employment contracts, job security, etc

All questionnaires and responses are handled with the utmost respect for personal privacy and in accordance with Data Protection legislation, including GDPR requirements.

The responses are collected, reviewed, and collated within SHEQworx, and a comprehensive, easy-to-read report produced, including recommended actions.

To maintain our 100% confidentiality to your workers, we won’t share individual responses with you (the client).

Safe System of Work Reviews

(Are your workers actually doing what your Procedures and Processes specify, or have they found work-arounds?

Do you have an hazardous task that would benefit from a Job Safety Analysis (a comprehensive breakdown of a task to clearly identify problem areas and potential solutions)?

Are your Risk Assessments legally compliant, “suitable and sufficient”, and relevant to the work, the task, the equipment, etc?

As an independent observer (and a fresh pair of eyes), by spending time on site with your workers, discussing and reviewing the documentation and processes against what’s actually happening, we often identify areas for improvement – and sometimes expose weaknesses in the overarching management arrangements.

It’s better that we find any gaps and anomalies as opposed to the HSE!

SHEQ Inductions, Training and Workshops

Creating the right first impression and setting the tone for any new starter is crucial, and one of the best ways of doing this is through a New Starter Induction.

We can help you develop a company induction that includes the necessary elements including SHEQ, Policy Documents – equal opportunities, modern slavery & human trafficking, GDPR, etc.

We can provide the necessary supporting reference materials such as Employee Handbooks – tailored to your business.

We also offer bespoke, in-house, training courses and workshops that cover a range of SHEQ and compliance “hot topics” for example risk assessments, CoSHH assessments, DSE, work at height, noise at work, waste management, GDPR etc).

You’d be surprised how many managers haven’t received any training on GDPR or Modern Slavery!

Training your workforce is hugely beneficial as it demonstrates your compliance to a H&S legal requirement.  But, did you know that it can also improve productivity, and build the confidence of your workers and managers.  (In turn, this can help improve their self-esteem, mental health and overall sense of worth.)

Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA)

Mental health is as important as physical health.

With 1 in 4 people expected to suffer from mental ill-health at some point in their lifetime, and one person completing suicide in the UK every 13 minutes, this is a topic that affects everyone.

Andrea is an accredited Instructor Member, approved by MHFA England to deliver Adult MHFA Courses.

Our MHFA courses are available privately to corporate clients as well as the general public.  We will be holding regular monthly sessions at the Mercure Hotel in Wetherby, and everyone aged 16 or over is welcome to join us!  Class sizes have been reduced due to Covid-19.

Online Training is also available.  However, please ensure a minimum of 3 weeks notice is given so that training materials can be ordered, distributed, and received by all delegates.  Some pre-reading and activities need to be completed before Day 1 of the Live course!

If your organisation requires MHFA Training, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to help.

Accident / Incident Investigation

There’s been an incident on site, someone was almost seriously injured.

But for some good luck, they escaped with cuts and bruises.  Both they, and you, realise they had a close-call.  If they’d been standing just one foot to the left, you’d have been dealing with a fatality.

How did it happen? What events led up to the incident? Were other factors at play? What do you need to do to prevent this from happening again? What lessons can be learned and shared with the team?

These are just some of the questions that need answering.

As a trained accident investigator with many years’ experience, an independent perspective can prove invaluable, especially when any lessons learned are shared in a ‘fair or just culture’.

We also consider what ‘human factors’ may have been involved.

Lift Planning

Have you ever hired a telehandler or a Road Rail Vehicle and realised you don’t actually have a lift plan that covers the materials you want to lift and move?  Maybe you’ve been provided with a different make and model of machine to what you usually get?

We can help.

As a Sentinel registered OTP (On-Track Plant) Lift Planner, we can provide you with a lift plan to cover your requirements.

A site visit may be required before the actual lift plan can be produced and sufficient time is to be allowed for this – prior to any documents being prepared and issued for use. 

(If this is required for a rail site, please get in touch so that we can discuss the appropriate safety arrangements prior to our visit.)