We provide a range of services under the banner of risk management and legal compliance. Everything we do is carefully tailored to you and your organisation, ensuring a proactive, intuitive, and effective service you can rely on to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of your workforce, quality of your goods and services, reputation, and bottom line!

Our Services – a quick guide

We’ve grouped our services below.

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  • Accident / Incident Investigation
  • Accreditation Assistance (CHAS, ISO, etc)
  • Audit Services – Process and Systems Audits, Site Safety Tours, Audits and Inspections
  • Behaviour Based Safety / Human Factors Analysis
  • Bid writing, Tender Submissions, and PQQs
  • Occupational Health & Safety “Competent Person” Support
  • Legal Compliance – Contracts, Policies, Procedures, Forms, etc
  • Management Systems – Health Safety & Wellbeing, Environmental, Quality, Data, etc
  • Risk Management – Risk Assessments, Safe Systems of Work etc
  • 24/7 on-call H&S support (subject to contract)

If you’ve ever tried to get feedback from a workplace survey, you’ll be aware of the:

  • low return rates
  • less than honest responses
  • scepticism and suspicion behind why you’re asking
  • resources (time, trouble and money) it takes to organise, collate, analyse, report and action any findings

Because we’re independent to you and your business, we can offer:  100% confidentiality, impartiality, and professionalism to get you reliable information you can work with.

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Your Essential Action Plans

Lifting operations can often put people at great risk of harm, not to mention the financial costs when things go wrong, often because…

  • the lifting operations weren’t planned properly
  • they weren’t carried out by trained and competent people
  • the rated capacity of the lifting equipment and accessories was exceeded
  • the equipment failed due to poor maintenance / previous damage
  • poor communications both during planning and during the lifting operation itself

We all have mental health, and like physical health, sometimes we need to be able to offer assistance in a crisis – to keep someone safe and prevent further harm until the emergency services arrive.

Mental ill health can affect anyone at any time, and unfortunately due to fear of stigma and discrimination, many people are suffering in silence.

Whether you are wanting to raise your awareness, learn how to spot the warning signs, learn how to improve your own mental health, or become a Certified Mental Health First Aider, we have the course for you. 

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Retained Services

With our Retained Services you can name us as your competent Health & Safety Advisor – a legal requirement that many SMEs often overlook.

Not only will we take the time to get to know you and your business, we’ll take your plans and values into consideration – making sure you get exactly what you need to keep you legally compliant, build a stronger, more resilient business, and keep your workers healthy and safe.

With prices starting from as little as £175 +VAT per month, you can’t afford to ignore it any longer!

If you run a business that depends on technically or professionally qualified people – especially one that relies on safety critical competencies – it’s important to keep accurate records of who’s got what ticket, and when their next assessment is due to avoid skills fade, expired compencies and cancelled work!

It can be a time-consuming, laborious task managing the training, assessments, and recertifications of individuals and gangs – and that’s before you try and sync their diaries and geographical locations with the training provider!  This is one headache you can confidently outsource to us.

Training & Competence Management
Training & Workshops

Investing in your workers’ skills and knowledge is a great way of improving staff morale, health & wellbeing, and reducing accidents in your workplace.  It’s also helpful for demonstrating your legal requirement to maintain a competent workforce.

Our training courses (delivered by us and our trusted partners) are available in a choice of formats – classroom, workshops, ‘Live’ online, and online for you to complete at your own pace.  We offer Corporate training as well as courses open to the public – which can be great networking events too!

Discover a fresh, modern approach to risk management and legal compliance with our unique solution that anybody can do – avoiding overwhelm, confusion, wasted time, energy, AND money.

“Where do I start?” and “What do I actually have to do?” are answered in our revolutionary, step-by-step system developed over the past 20+ years.

We’ve developed Action Plans for Health & Safety, Health & Wellbeing, Environmental, Data Protection, Quality, and SHEQ combined.

Your Essential Action Plans
Training & Workshops

Whether you’re new to business or you’ve been going for a while, how are your legal documents?

Maybe you’re frustrated by clients emailing you at daft o’clock and expecting an instant response, you’re frequently chasing late payments, or maybe you’ve been “ghosted” by a client and have other clients needing that time, and you don’t know how to proceed?

As a service provider, every time you start working with a new client, your business, your income, your boundaries, your time and your expertise may not be protected!