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Not all risk management consultants are the same.

We help business owners and senior managers with their risk management and legal compliance specialising in Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental, Quality, Data Protection, etc

SHEQ Matters!

With over 20 years’ experience in high risk, safety-critical environments – at both a strategic level and on Major Projects valued at £ multi-million across the UK – we have a unique skillset that enables us to get it right first time for a fraction of the cost of hiring dedicated staff.

Just think of us as your very own protection department!

At SHEQworx, we proactively work with our clients through a suite of tailored services that provides practical, relevant, common-sense solutions in a friendly and informative manner


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Why Choose Us

SHEQworx Ltd was established to help business owners, directors and senior managers who wanted to work with a friendly, knowledgeable, practical, supportive consultancy, with information and guidance specific to them.

There can often be overlap between the SHEQ elements, and we realise that if a company’s systems are set up properly from the outset we can avoid duplication of efforts – saving you time and money.

Did you know that H&S legislation mandates you have access to competent H&S advice?

You need someone who is competent and willing to familiarise themselves with your business.  If you don’t have anyone in-house, a dedicated consultant is a good option for you.


We're professionally qualified


We're registered with professional organisations


We're approachable, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced


We're the professionals that others actually want to work with, not run and hide from!


We support different businesses, of all sizes and types, including safety critical ones


We have a wealth of experience that we will bring to you, potentially saving you time and money

"Whilst working with Andrea at Amec Spie Rail I found her to be proactive, well organised and respected by colleagues and contractors alike, with a vast amount of knowledge that she was always willing to share."

– Michael E, On-Call Manager, WCRM Project

"Working on Major Rail Blockades 24/7, Andrea proved that she had the required confidence and effective communication skills to offer support and advice to the multi-disciplined construction teams working around the clock to continue to monitor and control not only their safety requirements but also fatigue management. I always found Andrea to be very active and pragmatic in her diligence."

Paul R, OLE Manager, Queensland Rail

"I met and worked alongside Andrea on the West Coast Mainline Upgrade, where she was the SHE Manager. Andrea was totally committed and professional where her work was concerned, always willing to assist in all matters concerning Health and Safety. The Health and Safety of everyone that worked on the Project was always her concern and she made sure that it was high on everyone else’s agenda also. Andrea is an asset to any Company where she will work."

Paddy C, Buckingham Group

"I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you and also the group.... I really enjoyed the training and learned so much. You have such a lovely engaging manner and a style of delivery that I for one found beneficial."

Delegate, Adult MHFA Training Course

"The course was very intense, however, as one of the group said it needed to be to address the subjects covered. The days seemed more like a valuable learning experience, rather than the "just another course" that some of us are used to. I think it's still sinking in for me."

-Delegate Adult MHFA Training Course 

Frequently Asked Questions


I'm worried about how Covid is affecting mental health in the workplace, can you help?

Yes, absolutely.

Let’s schedule a free 30 minute consultation so that I can find out more about what you do, where you work, and agree a way to proceed.

Being independent to you and your organisation, we can provide 100% confidentiality in the responses to any questionnaire we send out, or any face-to-face consultations we conduct.


I'm struggling to complete the H&S parts of a PQQ, is this something you can do for me?

To a point, yes, no problem. 

(I cut my teeth in the Pre-Qualification department of a large railway contractor!)  Don’t worry, I’ve done a fair few since then too. 

I’d need to learn more about your business, your existing arrangements, and of course, I’d need to see what questions they’re asking!

Let’s schedule a free 30 minute consultation and get the ball rolling.


I've fallen behind with my audits, can you help?

Yes, no problem.

I’m a qualified and experienced Lead Auditor so if you’d like help with external audits on your supply chain or internal audits on your processes, systems, or certain departments, just let me know.

Let’s schedule a free 30 minute consultation, there’s a link on the page. Alternatively, email me at 


I want to book an Adult Mental Health training course exclusively for my workplace, is that possible?

It is, yes.

We’re currently offering classroom or virtual training, and would need between 8 and 16 people to attend – subject to room size and Covid restrictions. 

(MHFA England stipulate a minimum of 8 delegates to attend each course.)

For more information, send an email to and we’ll get something sorted.


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