Independent Workplace Surveys

Independent Workplace Surveys

If you’ve ever tried to ask your team for feedback through a survey, you’ll be painfully aware of:

  • the low return rates
  • the less than honest responses
  • the scepticism and suspicion behind why you’re even asking!
  • the disbelief that all responses are truly 100% confidential
  • the belief that any responses provided could be used against them / harm their career
  • the resources (time and money) it takes to organise, collate, analyse, report and take considered action on the findings

or that:

  • the responses will trigger an intervention of some kind that could cost the worker their job or harm their promotion chances
  • the survey is a precursor to a significant organisational change …. etc

and that’s a real shame.

Because SHEQworx is completely independent to you and your business, we can offer:

100% Confidentiality

100% Impartiality

100% Professionalism

throughout the entire process.  We will never share the actual survey responses with the clients.

Our final report includes an easy-to-follow Roadmap so you’ll easily be able to implement the agreed improvements and recommendations.


Please Note:

The final cost will depend on the survey sample size, whether you are wanting online and/or paperwork surveys, the length and type of questionnaire required, and the associated ‘admin’ time needed to create the questionnaire, collate and analyse the responses, and produce both the draft and final reports and supporting documents.  Costs will be agreed in advance of the survey being released to your designated audience.

How we Work

We’ve created a 5-step process that guides you through each step, with the final step providing you with a report, agreed action points, and an easy-to-follow roadmap so that you can implement the changes and track your progress.

Step 1 of a 5-step process

Discuss & Plan

We will take the time to find out why you want a survey, how many people you are including in it, what you are wanting to do with the results, and any proposed timescales.  We will also discuss what you can do to drive engagement before the survey is issued, as well as agreeing ‘how’ the survey will be released and accessed.

Step 2

Produce & Release

Following the Discuss & Plan step, we will present you with a draft series of questions for use in your survey, that you can review and amend.  We will confirm the survey scope, contents, and any timescales.  Once everything’s agreed, we can release it to your audience.

Collate & Analyse

From survey release date to survey closing date, we will keep you updated on the return rates.  All responses will be collated and analysed by us at our offices, and the individual responses will not be available to you – ensuring our 100% confidentiality.  Trend analysis will be included helping you identify what you are doing well, and possible areas for improvement.

Produce Draft Report

Based on the information received in the previous three steps, a draft report including recommendations will be produced for your consideration.  As part of this step, and based on the survey results, we will suggest some ways that could be helpful in achieving your aims and objectives and include them in a draft roadmap.

Issue Final Report

Your comments and feedback from the draft documents will be incorporated into this Final Report along with any agreed recommendations and actions.  The Roadmap can then be used as a handy management tool to implement your vision, assign tasks, track and measure progress.  Formal issue of the Final Report and Roadmap neatly wraps up our survey process.

Health & Wellbeing Survey

A Health and Wellbeing Survey is a valuable tool that can be used as part of the planning process in the early stages of developing your company’s health and wellbeing policy or strategy, or it could be an annual survey providing you with information that compares this year’s performance with previous years. 

Specifically focusing on “mental health”, “psychosocial risks” or “psychological health” in an anonymous, independent survey can be the difference between getting real, unfiltered data that you can actually use to help your workers and saving time and money on initiatives that are all show and no substance.

Benefits include:

  • decreased costs associated with absence from work
  • improved product or service quality
  • reduced recruitment and training costs
  • improved worker engagement
  • enhanced productivity

Safety Climate Survey

A Safety Climate Survey is one of our favourite tools when developing or measuring the various components of a health and safety management system.  With the right number and type of questions, the anonymous feedback and comments received from your workers can be used to identify where the safety critical risks are across your organisation, and where to accurately divert resources.

Benefits include:

  • qualitative and quantitative data that is relevant to you and your company
  • information that allows you to effectively and efficiently prioritise and manage the risks and resources
  • provides a benchmark that you can use to monitor and measure improvements on an annual basis