Risk Assessment Workshop

Risk Assessments are a critical part of managing health and safety in any business, and it’s something that every employer or self-employed person ought to know to protect themselves, their business, and/or anyone who may be harmed as a result of their activities.

They’re a legal requirement and their purpose is to identify the sources or causes of harm or damage arising from your work or activities, so that the necessary precautions can be taken to eliminate or reduce the likelihood or severity of harm.

What’s Covered in the Risk Assessment Workshop?

What You’ll Learn…

In this 4-hour Workshop, you will learn:

  • An introduction to risk assessments
  • Legal requirements
  • Key terminology
  • When risk assessments are required
  • The 5 (+1) Stages of Risk Assessments
  • How to do a risk assessment using our step-by-step system
  • What you need to do with them once they are done!

A legally compliant risk assessment should help you ….

  • To prevent accidents, physical and/or mental harm in your workplace and for any hybrid or remote workers
  • Identify and control hazards in your business
  • Identify and manage risks in your business
  • Determine where to allocate valuable resources
  • Protect you, your workers and your business
  • Develop a safer and healthier workplace
  • Create awareness among your workers – and use it as a training tool

You may also:

Help to create or raise awareness and understanding of a ‘just’ or ‘fair’ health and safety climate at work including mental and physical health.

It’s also a great certification to add your resume, as organisations are increasingly aware of the importance of having good risk awareness in keeping their workplaces and workers safe and healthy.

When should risk assessments be carried out?

    There are a number of occasions when a risk assessment is needed, for example:


    • when hazards are identified, eg use of work equipment, manual handling, working at height, pregnant workers, etc
    • before new processes or activities are introduced
    • before changes are introduced to existing work processes, premises, or activities

    What’s Included In The Workshop?

    Risk Assessment Workshop Resources

    When you attend the Workshop, you will receive the following:

    • A Risk Assessment Workbook for you to complete as we go through the training – that you can keep afterwards
    • Instruction and guidance on how to use the very same tried-and-trusted, step-by-step process that we use with our own clients
    • Practical exercises relevant to your own workplace
    • Document templates


    When and Where we Offer the Workshops

    We offer both online and classroom-based training with regular dates every month.

    Because we like an informal, friendly learning environment, we’ve capped the number of people on our Workshops to a maximum of 8.

    Looking for private training or group classes for yourself or your staff?

    We’re flexible on when and where we can deliver training, so we should be able to accommodate a time, date and place that meets your requirements.  Classroom and online training is available as a group / corporate booking.

    Email us at training@sheqworx.co.uk or call us on 0770 777 8998 and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help.

    The Cost

    The cost of the course is £250 + VAT per person


    As part of the Risk Assessment Workshop, each delegate will receive a Workbook including supporting documents and templates.  These can be kept and referred to as needed.

    We will also include a complimentary 30-minute Risk Assessment Consultation for use by any delegate within 14 days of completing the Workshop – just in case they have any specific questions once they get back to their workplace, or would like their risk assessment professionally reviewing.

    Available Dates

    SHEQworx, Wetherby04-May-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby25-May-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby01-Jun-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby15-Jun-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby06-Jul-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby27-Jul-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby03-Aug-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby17-Aug-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby07-Sep-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby21-Sep-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby05-Oct-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby19-Oct-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby02-Nov-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby16-Nov-22 09:30 AMENROL
    SHEQworx, Wetherby07-Dec-22 09:30 AMENROL

    Meet your Trainer

    Hello!  I’m Andrea

    As a practicing risk management consultant, I’ve been delivering various health and safety training courses, inductions, and workshops over the years, and this is one of my personal favourites!

    I’m the Managing Director of SHEQworx Ltd, an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant to a range of businesses across the UK (mainly safety-critical eg rail, civil engineering, construction and utilities).  I’m also good with processes and procedures, and a qualified Lead Auditor to ISO 9001 Quality, and 45001 Occupational Health & Safety standards. 

    I’m also a Mental Health First Aid Trainer under licence to MHFA (England).

    When I’m not taking care of my SHEQ-related clients, I work in my other business Nature’s Way Lifestyle Ltd helping people with their own health and well-being.  Part of my role there is to offer lifestyle coaching on a private 1:1 basis, but I’ll tell you more about that in a second.

    In a nutshell, my life’s work has been about keeping people safe and healthy, and businesses legally compliant through a range of services including policies, systems, procedures and legal documents including Terms and Conditions of Business.

    Personally, I’ve been a single parent for the most part of the last 21 years, which has been challenging at times – legally, financially, and emotionally.  It’s also been hugely rewarding watching kiddo develop and leave to start his own life’s journey.

    Since 2013 I’ve been discovering in real terms how food affects our overall health – mind, body, and soul – and the affects were astounding!  The thing is, I thought I was reasonably healthy before I changed my lifestyle.

    So, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic I co-founded a new business with kiddo, called Nature’s Way Lifestyle Ltd (NWL).

    The purpose of NWL is to help others on the path to create a better, healthier, cleaner, and low-tox lifestyle for themselves and their families, whilst also reducing the impact on the planet.  (Check us out on Facebook and Instagram @natureswaylifestyle.)

    We’re guiding and supporting people towards a happier and healthier version of themselves, and that’s pretty awesome!  Take a look, we might be able to help you too.

    It’s a real passion project of ours.  I managed to get rid of my eczema, AND reduce the symptoms and severity of my anxiety and depression.  There were other benefits too but I won’t bore you with them right now.  You’re welcome to find out more here.